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Last night I was teaching a math class and ran across the word almacenar. I suggested to another teacher that it was the two words alma and cenar, which would be to eat souls for supper. She did not agree with me on that.

It means to store, as in to store food in the pantry.

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    I like the imaginitive theory of “eats souls for supper”. 🙂

    It made me curious.

    I found on the REA (Real Academia Española) web site that they say that the root spanish word (almacén) is derived from an arabic word (mahzan) that means wearhouse or storage.

    Apparently that same arabic word gives us the english word magazine (via French and Italian!).

    Even more interesting is the fact that the arabic word derived from an aramaic word!

    Don’t you just love lanaguages!

    See the following link for a full(er) explanation:

    Rob on November 9th, 2007
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    Excellent information Rob. Thank you for sharing that information with us.

    It is very interesting to study the roots of words. Knowing a second language has really opened my eyes to the fact that many words are connected from one language to another. I know there are languages that are totally independent of outside influences, but many trace back to older languages and it is fun to see the connections.

    David on November 9th, 2007


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