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Andar vagando

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A few days ago I was studying a verse in my Spanish Bible, Hebrews 3:10, “Siempre andan vagando en su corazón” The phrase andan vagando didn’t seem to fit as something done in the heart.

Andan or andar means to walk or to go about.

Vagando or vagar is to walk without goal or direction, to wander. This is the same word from which we get our English word vagabond.

So andan vagando is they walk without a goal or they wander about. Then in the verse it means they always wander in their heart.

I checked my English Bible for a quick reference and there it was “They do alway err in their heart.” Nothing to do with walking or wandering.

The next day the family was listening to Charles Hodgson’s Podictionary podcast and the word for the day was err. He explained the original meaning of err was to stray. Wow! This would have been about the time my English Bible was translated from Greek.

“They do alway err (stray, andan vagando) in their heart.”


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