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Medio ambiente

Your medio ambiente is your environment. This refers to your cultural, social or natural environment.


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I saw desincrustante in the store the other day on a bottle of facial cleanser. I thought it was pretty gross sounding, de-cruster. It is actually not that bad, desincrustante just means an exfoliant.


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A toalla is a towel, what you would use to dry off. Pronounced twai-ya, to me is it hard to recognize at first when I see it written.


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Desechables are disposables. Items you would use once then discard, such as paper or plastic plates, cups and bowls or syringes or diapers.


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Today we went to the playa, the beach, where there was arena. On the beach we wore our playeras, short sleeve shirts or t-shirts.

Fuga de agua

We had a pipe break in the street in front of our house recently. While trying to figure out who to call  we found the phrase fuga de agua. Literally it means a flight of water but is used to refer to water escaping accidently.

Harina, Arena

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These two words, harina and arena, give me fits. Although they look very different, their pronunciation is very close, the difference of an i and an e.

Harina is flour and arena is sand. I don’t know how many times, no matter how hard I try, I have ordered sand tortillas.