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Tocar means to touch.

One would say tocar la puerta to indicate knock on the door.

Also when you play an instrument you tocar el instrumento.


» by in: Verbs

Morar is not a commonly used word but it is found often in the Spanish Bible. Morar is to live or reside in a place.

Alberca, piscina

» by in: Nouns

Alberca and piscina both mean a swimming pool, an artificial body of water.

Another word I heard the other day is charco. This is also a pool, but a naturally occurring one.

Talla, tamaño, medida

Talla, tamaño and medida all refer to size and what it is.

Talla is used to describe how tall a person is or what size shirt or pants you wear.

Tamaño is used to describe what size soda or french fries you want, large or small.

Medida is the measurement of something, how long your couch is for instance, or the volume of soda in your cup.


» by in: Nouns

Yesterday at my son’s class, two parents were discussing the weather (the rainy season has started here). One mother was saying her other son’s class was canceled because of rain. But the word she used was chipichipi. Chipichipi, here in Mexico, means a light drizzling rain.

Vegetales, Verduras

» by in: Nouns

Vegetales and verduras are the things your mother is always telling you to eat, your vegetables.

Seems like I hear verduras used more with cooked vegetables and vegetales with fresh vegetables.


Silbar is to whistle, to make a noise with your mouth when you pucker and blow.

Silbo is the noun, whistle, the actual noise.

A silbato is a whistle. An instrument used to produce a whistling noise.

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