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This is an odd word. It means an outline and is used very much like we would use the word in English. It would be a rough draft to a drawing or it could be a word list that you would use as a prompt while giving a speech or it could be the first draft of a play.

Outline. Plain and simple. The verb is bosquejar and means to outline.

I am curious as to where the word comes from. It does not look (or sound) Latin or Greek. Anyone else know?

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    I look for it in the RAE (Real Academia Española) I will quote it here:


    (De bosque).

    1. m. Traza primera y no definitiva de una obra pictórica, y en general de cualquier producción del ingenio.

    2. m. Idea vaga de algo.

    en ~.

    1. loc. adj. No perfeccionado, no concluido.”

    It say it comes (de bosque) from ‘forest’ looking then in ‘bosque’ it say it comes from unknow origin, so I’m a little confused, sorry.

    luthien on September 18th, 2007
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    […] is closely related to bosquejo and croquis that I have mentioned before. It is a rough draft or rough […]

    Borrador on December 19th, 2007


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