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Dar de alta

This week we had a friend who’s father went into the hospital. After he had recovered they were going to darle de alta. Though I had heard the phrase before, it still confused me as to what exactly it meant. Today we were visiting a friend who was telling about her short stay in the hospital after her baby was born two weeks ago. Again, she said “me dio de alta.”

Alto/-a is the adjective high, tall and it can mean halt or stop. To dar de alta means to call to a halt. Idiomatically it means to discharge. The reflexive form, darse de alta means to join, sign-up or enlist.

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    I’m a native Spanish speaker and don’t know the accurate English translation. “Dar de alta” from the hospital means that you don’t have to stay in the hospital because you got better.

    Monica on December 3rd, 2011
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    Monica, dar de alta in English is “to discharge.” It means to give permission to someone to leave the hospital. Almost always it means that the person is better and can go home on their own, but you can also be discharged from the hospital if there is nothing more the hospital can do to help you.

    David on December 4th, 2011


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