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Resulta que un día un hombre decide ir a comprar una estufa. Llega al comercio y le pregunta al encargado:

“Disculpe, ¿cuánto cuesta esa estufa?”

“Esa estufa cuesta 1500 dólares.”

“¡1500 dólares!, pero, eso es una estafa!”

“No, no, es una estufa.”

It happened that one day a man decided to buy a new stove. Arriving at the store he asked the salesman:

“Excuse me. How much does that stove cost?”

“That stove costs $1500 dollars.”

“$1500 dollars! But that’s an estafa!”

“No. No. That’s a stove.”

Estafar is a verb that means to swindle or to defraud.

Thanks to for the wording on the joke.


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