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I think this word may be uniquely Mexican. Metiche is used for someone who is nosy or a busy body. Someone who cannot keep their nose out of other people’s business is a metiche.

When I lived in Perú some years back, I remember we used the word sapo for this purpose. The idea is that a toad has big eyes and is always looking in on other people’s matters. However, I learned this while working at a church and school for the Deaf. It makes sense that the Deaf would use a word that focuses on big eyes to mean nosy. I have often wondered if that was an idiomatic usage confined to the Deaf in Perú, or if the hearing population used that term too. Any ideas?

This is a word that I would think changes from country to country, and maybe even within regions of the same country.

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    Great job on this blog, I hope you continue to write it for a long time!

    Amy on October 13th, 2007
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    Thank you Amy. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

    David on October 15th, 2007
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    I am visiting this site also. I need all the help I can in this language. At least I will know what not to say.

    ekpeach on November 11th, 2007


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