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This is patrol or police car. Patrullar is to patrol.

This can also mean a band or a group of people. There is a singing group in Mexico called Patrulla 81. There is also the famous Patrulla Águila from Spain.

Recently on a Spanish discussion forum there was a question about what the lights on top of a patrulla are called: torreta.

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    If you say ‘torreta de policía’ I maybe understand you, but it’s weird, I don’t think we have a word for this in Spain, I use to say ‘luces de policía’ like: ‘¿Tiene (el coche de policía) dadas las luces’ anyway that wouldnt be clear either, because it could mean the lights for the night.

    luthien on September 23rd, 2007
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    ‘Torreta,’ I don’t know how common of a word it is, nor how it is really used. I got my information from a fellow sitting inside a police car. How intelligent can a criminal be? I did not think to ask him if it is spelled with 1 or 2 Ts. He probably would not have known.

    Maybe I should get my information from a more reliable source in the future. I will ask a policeman in the next few days to find out what they use.

    David on September 23rd, 2007
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    I don’t think the problem is this word is incorrect, maybe it’s used in there, in Spain we don’t have a word for this so we have to work around several expresions.
    In another context, ‘torreta’ is used like a ‘small tower’ for example if you have a house (with a garden and an exterior door to the street) and say ‘la puerta de mi casa tiene dos torretas’ I would think you have two little towers adorning the top of the door frames.
    If you are talking about a military vehicle, for example a tank, ‘torreta’ is the thing on top the tank where the soldier shots from.

    luthien on September 26th, 2007
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    I finally got a chance to talk with a policeman today about this word. He said that it is torretE, not torretA. I asked him what else the word meant, but he did not know it could be used for anything else. He did not seem like the most educated man behind the wheel of a car though. Now I am a bit confused. I think I will have to ask another one to see what he says.

    David on October 11th, 2007


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