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As we have studied Spanish over the course of the last few years, we have constantly run into words and usages that just seem either odd, or curiously interesting. We are constantly learning new words and sometimes new usages for the words we thought we knew.

If you are a new student to Spanish our desire is to be able to help you along in your discoveries. If you are either a native speaker of Spanish or have more experience, we certainly welcome your input. Please comment often and give your thoughts to our discoveries.

Words can become interesting for various reasons. Words can be a corollary to an English word, but with a different meaning or emphasis (ex. actual). Other words can cause you to think about the underlying meaning of the English word (ex. prejudice).

We are a couple who ministers in Mexico as missionaries. You will probably see this played out in the postings. The main reason we learn new words comes from our study of the Spanish Bible. Because we are in Mexico, we realize that some of the usage that we discover about these words may be different in other countries. As we don’t have experience with the usages in other countries, we are somewhat limited in being able to share that with you. However, the main thing we find interesting about these words is their relationship to the English words. Therefore, any English speaking student of Spanish (regardless of the country) will probably enjoy the journey along with us as we discover Spanish together.

UPDATE: Since we started this website we have moved to Argentina. Many of the words we are discovering now are in relation to how the word was used in Mexico. Or, what seemed like the “normal” or “right” way to say things are now being challenged with a new vocabulary or usage.

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    I believe that even though I have not been a student in Spanish for over 40 years, I could be enlightened with this website. Thanks for thinking of this way of learning.

    ekpeach on August 27th, 2007
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    I’d like to include your site on my list of useful Spanish language blogs. I’m building a complete directory of Spanish language schools, searchable by city and country, which I thought would be useful for your blog readers. You can contact me at if you would like to be included in my directory.

    Corey Mattson on July 19th, 2009


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