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Acudir is a word that I heard in a song. Trying to figure out the meaning of the word through the song did not prove helpful. After looking up acudir on the web, I understand why. Acudir has many meanings based on the words around it. Most of its usage is idomatic in nature; it is a very flexible word depending on how it is used.

Acudir can mean to go, or to come. To help, or to turn to someone for help. To arrive or to return. Now you can see why I was confused.

Leaning heavily on what I learned at (one of my favorite references and highly recommended) here are a few explanations.

When talking about appointments or places, acudir can mean to go to, to come, to arrive or to return. Acudió a la cita: he arrived at the appoinment. Or, he came to the appointment. Or, he went to the appointment. Los recuerdos acuden a mi mente: the memories returned to my mind.

When talking about helping or receiving help it can be used in the following ways. Acudió a su hermano: he turned to his brother (with the idea of ‘for help’). ?Ella está dispuesto de acudir ayuda a cualquier persona: she is willing to give help to anyone.


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