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Though the word andar is most often translated to walk, I was taught that the word carried with it quite a bit more meaning. My language teacher said that instead of thinking of a strict translation, it should be considered roughly to mean to go about. One could go about by foot, by bicycle or car.

The word is used in much the same way as we would use walk in a figurative sense. We say things like “walk worthy of your parents.” We are not literally talking about walking with your feet in such a way that it pleases your parents, rather what is meant is that you should conduct yourself in a pleasing way. Your conduct would be the way you go about. Sometimes andar is even translated conduct.

Though it is appropriate to use the word andar to mean walk, don’t limit yourself to this translation when you see or hear the word. Realize it has a much broader meaning.

If you would like to know more about the ways that andar can be translated, check out the entry for andar at’s site which teaches Spanish.

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