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To train someone for a position is capacitar. You can easily see the English word capacitate in the Spanish version. We just don’t use capacitate enough for that word to be the first one we think of when looking for the word train.

You can also use it to equip someone for service. There is another Spanish word that fits nicely in there. That is the word equipar.

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    I never hear this word like this in Spain, we use it with the meaning of being able to do some work and with the verb “estar” like “estar capacitado”, but not alone

    luthien on November 11th, 2007
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    Here in Mexico we also use it like you are saying. The equivalent word is used in English like you mention too; to be capable. There are places that do ‘capacitación de computadora’ where they ‘capacitan la gente’ to use computers.

    Do you use the word ‘capacitar’ as a verb at all? Or is it only used as a participle?

    David on November 11th, 2007
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    […] I had posted the word capacitar. Usually the person who is doing the capacitación is called an asesor. The word means an adviser, […]

    Asesor on December 5th, 2007


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