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shopping cart storageIn Mexico we used the word chango to mean a monkey. I think that the use of chango in this way is a Mexican thing. They also use the word mono, which is what the rest of the world uses for monkey.

I was quite surprised when we first moved to Argentina to see a cage by one of the doors that said “Guarda Changos.” I could not imagine that the Argentines would carry their pet monkeys to the store and put them in the cages while they were shopping. Another equally ridiculous thought was that it was a place to stick your kids while shopping. (In the US we sometimes call our children “little monkeys“).

The image of the “monkey cages” at the grocery store has stuck with me. And though we have been in Argentina over 2 months, I found out last week what a chango is to an Argentine.

A chango is a shopping cart. Apparently the “guarda changos” cage is to lock your shopping cart in while you pull your car up closer to the front door so you can load in your groceries.

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    Thank you so much for the explanation of “chango” in Argentina. I was stuck on this term in a translation, and this is exactly the information I needed. Thanks

    lisa on September 7th, 2010


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