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Besides being something we drink cola has a lot of uses in Spanish. Interestingly, when talking about a drink I don’t think I have heard it referred to as just cola. They are generically called refrescos where we live.

When first hearing the word cola I immediately think of an animal’s tail. From there it can be used as a pony tail.

The second definition I think of has to do with standing in line. In our part of Mexico I hear the word fila used more often for a line, but in Peru we used cola all the time.

On a ladies wedding dress the train is also called a cola.

The reason I was thinking about this word was that I saw it used on a package of glue. While the word pegamento is more common here, the word cola also means glue. It seems that these two words, cola and pegamento, would have slightly different meanings. But as far as I have been able to tell, they are synonymous. Anyone know if they mean a certain type of glue?

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    […] is to stick or affix one thing to another. It would be used with cola when you want to stick an item to something else, i.e.: use la cola para fijar el papel en la […]

    Fijar on January 10th, 2008
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    In medicine an E.Coli bacteria is called “coliform”.Is this similar to “cola” ???? Just a question.

    dant on April 12th, 2008


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