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There are many ways to say gift in Spanish.

  • Regalo 
  • Dádiva
  • Obsequio
  • Presente
  • Memoria
  • Recuerdo
  • Gratificación

Each one has its own nuances, but they all can be used to mean a present or gift. In my research, I found other words that I had never heard before, such as: agasajo and legado. It will be interesting to study those words too.

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    Well, we dont use some of that words in Spain for gift, for example: memoria, dádiva (this is an old word, no longer used in common speak).

    Agasajo, is a little weird word for a gift and in noun form it’s used more like a verb because it have another implicits meaning apart of giving something to someone, it imply some kind of secundary objetive and also a special treat, for example: a host ‘agasaja’ her/his guests, the president of the country ‘agasaja’ his/her allieds when they come to visit.

    Legado, it’s legacy, I think both of word mean the same in English and Spanish, your father/mother/… ‘lega’ something to you, it’s not necessary they’re dead, it can be something the pass at you in a moment you may need. Also, this is used for someone important or well know, for example: Tolkien ‘legado’ to human race were his books, his work creating a new mythology…

    luthien on September 26th, 2007
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    I also forgot a very common word, don. It means a gift as well as talent, knack or skill.

    David on November 4th, 2007


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