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This is a word that I always know what it means when I hear it, but sometimes I have trouble pulling it up when I need to use it. It does not mean to grab with the hands, rather it is to record. Like we would use the word record when referring to recording audio or video. It can also be used when manually recording something with pen and paper, but mostly I have heard it used when speaking of electronic recording of something.

The device you use to record with is called a grabadora. It can also be called a player (with a Spanish pronunciation). Just like we call an old tape player a recorder sometimes.

The primary definition in my dictionary is to engrave. I have never seen it used that way, but I also don’t know if I have been in a business that does engraving.

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    Recording something with pen and paper, I would say ‘tomar notas’ or ‘tomar apuntes’ if we are talking about a course in the university or at school

    luthien on September 23rd, 2007


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