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Menudo is tiny, small or insignificant.

A menudo means often or frequent.

Por menudo means to be exact or specific, to pay attention to the details.

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    menudo could be . thin.. or small never insignficant.
    a menudo for sure means often or frecuently.
    butttttt. por menudo ??? that doese’nt means to be exact or specific not even near to put attencion to details, not even exist this two words together. sorry .

    Hayat on October 25th, 2007
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    According to the Real Academia Española the second definition of ‘menudo’ is ‘insignificant’. They also say that ‘por menudo’ means ‘particularmente, con mucho detalle’.

    I am sure that there are differences in the way these words are used in different areas.

    David on October 25th, 2007
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    Yeah . maybe, i was talking to someone about this post … thats the problem in languages. even if its spanish words in mexico , and at spain , lots of times means a very different thing… we have to actualize ourselfs i guess .. thaks for the explanation you give, and thanks to our Real Academia Española… now days i can see and read that our language is a real mess… good point thanks for remind me the Real Academia Española ….MENUDO:0) lol. i will use this word … thanks.

    Hayat on October 27th, 2007


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