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Monto means amount. It is an accounting term and is often seen where you could substitute the word total, but not always. The phrase “monto original de la inversión” would be translated “original amount of the investment,” or, “initial investment.”

Total would be the summary of everything added and subtracted at the end, which can also be the monto. I have only seen this word used in banking and accounting situations.

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    That’s weird, in Spain we would say ‘Montón’ but anyway it would sound… not very profesional, I would translate ‘inicial investment’ like ‘Inversión inicial/original’ It maybe be a different word than in Spain in spite of the likeness, as I say it sound too informal, I would say:
    ‘Tengo un montón de trabajo’ like an informal way to say ‘Tengo mucho trabajo’ ‘I have a lot of work’

    luthien on September 18th, 2007
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    The word ‘montón’ is used the same way here. It is an informal way to say ‘a whole bunch.’

    I just looked up ‘monto’ in my dictionary and it is not in there. But there are many references to it on the web. I first ran into it while teaching a class on Business Accounting. I was just substituting in the class and therefore don’t really know much about how the word is used other than the way it was used in the book.

    David on September 18th, 2007
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    It’s interesting, I’m not that much familiar with Business Accounting but I have an economics course where we touch a little accounting and I don’t remember that word being used, I look for it in the RAE and it say:


    1. m. Suma de varias partidas.”

    Of course, next I had to look for partida:

    20. f. Cada uno de los artículos y cantidades parciales que contiene una cuenta.”

    So, it sounds right even if we don’t use that term in normal conversation, I may have to ask someone more familiar with that business to know if it’s used in that context in Spain

    luthien on September 19th, 2007


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