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Sentido is a word that has multiple meanings.

It is the participle for sentir, to feel. It can be used in just about any way we use feel in English. It can mean a physical touch type feel, or a feeling you get when you know something is right or wrong. Such as a perception.

As an adjective to sentir, it can mean that someone is sensitive.

It can be the noun used for senses, as in the five senses. To be conscious would be el sentido.

The way I often hear it used, and the way that is most notable because it sounds wrong, is with the idea of meaning or reason.

The most bizarre use of the word that I have heard is when used to talk about a one or two way street. De doble sentido would be a two way street and sentido único is a one way street.

There are plenty of other meanings for the word, these are but a few.


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