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¿Te parece?

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The words say “it appears to you” but when asked as a question, it means “do you like it?” I think it could be translated, “how does it appear to you?” It seems to always be used when asking someone if they like what they see.

When we were house hunting for some friends I first became aware of this phrase. It seemed that every house we saw got followed up with the question “Y, ¿te parece?

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    te parece , means if u are agree , more than if u like it . heyyyyy from where or who did you lean spanish?or english ?

    Hayat on October 25th, 2007
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    Yes, it could mean ‘do you agree.’ But the way it is asked and used is almost a leading question towards the positive. Therefore, it is essentially used (in the context that I have heard it) to mean ‘do you like it?’

    I learned Spanish in a language school in Mexico and English is my native language.

    Where did you learn English and Spanish?

    David on October 25th, 2007
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    i learned spanish in mexico . and english i u.s.a

    anyway your spanish is good. but sometimes is a little complicated.. thats all . thanks for your reply

    que tengas un bonito dia.

    Hayat on October 27th, 2007


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