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To answer a knock at the gate or a doorbell you say, “¡voy!” It means I go and is quite opposite from what we say in English–“Coming!”

It has been argued that in English there is a lack of understanding of the proper usage of the words come and go (as well as bring and take).

It is, by the way, grammatically wrong to say “coming” when you mean that you are going to the door, yet that is what we say. You cannot be in the living room and come to the front door, at least, not from the speaker’s perspective. You can only go to the front door. Alas, we still say “coming” when we mean we are going to the front door.

In Spanish though, you say that you go to answer the door.

When we were in language school we rented a guest house behind a family. It took me a while to understand that when the lady yelled “¡voy!” when I knocked on her door that she was telling me she was going to the door. I thought she was telling me to leave (vete or váyase). I always just stood there and acted like I either did not hear her or did not understand her. Eventually she came to the door and I could ask her my questions.


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